Tangible Creatives Academy

Are you ready to accomplish your creative projects and desires WITHOUT the crushing weight of your anxiety and perfectionism?

Are you willing to become someone who finishes creative work that they’re proud of?

You’ve always felt like a creative person. Maybe as a kid, you took refuge in the Art Room or Band Room… art has always been a source of freedom and connection and play for you.

In your adult life, you feel like you should be able to make things the way you want to…. Produce your own songs, make exciting visual art, knit fantastical creations.

You **know** you have the skills….

Maybe you even have all the resources in the world.

But you feel stuck, distracted, overwhelmed by where to start… let alone what to do once you begin. Maybe you even feel scared of what will happen if or when you actually finish something (or quit before you can finish).

Does this sound familiar?

Can you Imagine...

Can you imagine how it would feel to confidently produce your own art?

How would your life be different each day, if you could:

  • Choose artistic projects that feel aligned with you

  • Follow through and see them to completion in a way that is SATISFYING to you

  • Feel confident in your identity as a true artist

  • No longer be held back by perfectionist tendencies that make you spiral out of control

  • Be connected to the part of you that is infinitely genius and creatively inspired, instead of being so connected to the part of you that gets overwhelmed


Tangible Creatives Academy

How to Embody Your Creative Genius & Make Stuff That Inspires You


What makes Tangible Creatives Academy different from other courses?

Tangible Creatives Academy blends a unique methodology specific to anxious, overwhelmed creatives to help them channel their personal genius and create a personal toolbox unique TO THEM.

Yes, there is a framework that you will be walked through -- but each creative person is as unique as their own fingerprints. In Tangible Creatives Academy, you will learn to master different parts of your creative process so that your creative talent works FOR YOU, instead of working against you and keeping you stuck.

Additionally, Tangible Creatives Academy focuses on you using this methodology to produce a piece of creative work in real time during the course.

Tangible Creatives Academy is not a book.

Something is different about you when you have tangibly produced your own work, instead of just talking about it.

Tangible Creatives Academy prioritizes you actually making something, instead of just talking about it.


In Tangible Creatives Academy, you’ll learn how to:

  • Specifically identify how your creative genius speaks to you. Learn to tap into it whenever you want.

  • Discern which artistic projects are good for you, and which are not

  • Take action and see a project all the way through to completion

  • Move through creative blocks when they arise during the course of your creative process


Here’s what's inside:

Module 1: Your Creative Genius

How does your Creative Genius flow through you, or speak to you?

Learn how to actually hold your talents and ideas as true creative genius -- something to be trusted and nurtured.

Distinguish your Creative Genius from your Inner Perfectionist and the ways it gets in your way.

Choose a creative project that will be your playground for this module.

Module 2: The Creative Process

Every Creative Process is just that:  a predictable process. Use our tools to chart your own predictable creative process and identify common blocks in different phases.

Module 3: Satisfaction

Many Creatives get lost in the Spiral of Doom of “how do I know when it’s finished” -- or even making something to the point of finishing it. In this Module, we define what will a satisfying finished project here actually look like so you can actually hit a target with your project, instead of wallowing in incompletion.

Module 4: Stop & Flow

Now that you’ve begun your creative project, you will be encountering things that normally would STOP you in the past. Learn about the Stop & Flow methodology that will craft your inner compass and help you navigate ANY creative stop or challenge along the way. Using the Stop & Flow template, you’ll have a tool to help you navigate any block you’ll encounter.

Module 5: Living In This Life 

Are you willing to become someone who finishes their creative projects? This module explores (a) what’s needed to fully complete your piece of art, but more importantly, navigates (b) what it’s like to LET GO of the perfectionist need to hold on to your work. Learn how to allow completion of your work to become part of your comfort zone, instead of something terrifying.

your investment

For this self-study paced commitment you are making to change the course of your creative future FOREVER….  One payment of $497, or three monthly payments of $167 (total cost of $501).

*** Extra Care & Bonus Calls ***

Register by Tuesday, March 28th to receive access to not only every module of TCA, but invitations to TWO implementation Q&A calls with Laura **and** a Completion Celebration Party call! Even though you'll do your modules on your own, you will have the support of Laura and a robust group of committed creatives, just like you.

One-time payment of $497


3 payments of $167


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Receive the full Tangible Creatives Academy Self-study Program PLUS a 1:on:1 Coaching Call with Laura Westman


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Receive the full Tangible Creatives Academy Self-study Program PLUS a 1:on:1 Coaching Call with Laura Westman


Hi, I’m Laura Westman.

Not too long ago, I was struggling to even admit to myself that -- despite fifteen years of dealing with vocal nodes -- what I love more than anything in life is making music.

Some could call vocal nodes luck of the draw (or lack thereof).

But what I know, given my vocal nodes and my autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s, is that these are ways my body was grasping for my attention.

While I was desperate to express myself with singing, music, and other forms of art, I was doing it from inside of my perfectionism.

My voice should sound different -- bigger, better.
My body should look different -- thinner, prettier.
My ART should look different -- if I never finish it, no one has to see it isn’t perfect.

Eventually, my body said: you are destroying me…. You are destroying me in order to control how people see you… to make people see you as valuable or worthy.

I 100% believe that my devotion to my perfectionism -- putting controlling how others would see me above my own well being -- created my autoimmune condition and caused my vocal nodes.

(I promise there’s a happy ending here.)

What I have developed here for Tangible Creatives Academy is a unique blueprint that helped take me from feeling completely caged in by my perfectionism to a place where I can CONFIDENTLY PRODUCE AND ENJOY MY OWN MUSIC.

And it doesn’t stop there . . . .

I can also confidently PRODUCE AND ENJOY almost anything I make these days (!!!), which is completely nuts, considering that I spent the better part of my twenties showing NO ONE my work and hiding my creativity in plain sight.

I’m in a place now where I listen to my own music and thoroughly enjoy the quality of my voice, which I used to hate.

I enjoy the choices I got to make along the way.

I listen to my music as an active act of celebrating my talent, growth, and joy.

If that’s not badass, I don’t know what is.

Tangible Creatives Academy is PERFECT for you if…

  • You’re tired of feeling like you talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk when it comes to creativity

  • You are in need of a shake-up in your artistic life, and nothing has worked

  • You are ready to stop believing the voice of your perfectionism, and instead, step into the creative GENIUS that lives within you

  • You want your inner artist identity to 100% match the life you are building and living around you -- no excuses.

  • You **know** deep within that you were born to make your art and are ready to stop being in the way of that

Tangible Creatives Academy is *not* for you if:

  • You will be sacrificing funds from something critical to pay for it (like rent, etc)
  • You would rather "figure out" your creative process on your own
  • You want to stay under-resourced and under-expressed in your artistic life



Watch what changes across the different areas of your life when you STEP IN to a more confident, creative YOU and actually complete your projects!