I am a coach for people at the intersection of creative fulfillment and functional professional magnificence.

If you… 

  • have a deep-seated sense that your purpose in life exists in your creative expression 
  • are a deeply creative and insightful person who sometimes finds their creative expression maddeningly at odds with systems, structures, and industry norms
  • have been very successful in your leadership or professional life, but you know there is a “you” missing from it 
  • took your artistic passion into its professional industry or built a business around it, and have been stymied with its growth (and maybe you miss feeling joy in it) 
  • have a deep knowing that you were meant to embrace your creative talents and passions during this lifetime, but struggle with truly allowing your potential to come forth
  • are a coach, therapist or service provider struggling to feel sourced by your business
  • **know** very deeply that you **can** live a life in which you are creatively fulfilled, well paid, and healthy - but have no idea what the pathway looks like 
  • relate to yourself as a creative leader but struggle to truly own it

If you know in your bones that your creativity is the deepest well of wisdom, spirituality, and access to your higher self -- and you wonder how to bring it into the physical world in a way that actually makes sense -- I may be the coach for you.

I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who has eleven years of full-time coaching experience in the fields of creativity and leadership. Coach, podcaster, musician, improviser, author.

I became a coach in 2012 when I went through my first year of training at Accomplishment Coaching. At the time, I was teaching improv classes and trying to keep my head on straight working in the service industry. I had a cute and humble mission, which was to make a difference for people through coaching during the day, and go have a fun improv life in the evenings. Sounds like a pretty straightforward plan, doesn’t it? 

Coaching is, in essence, about crafting visions and learning who you need to be in order to fulfill them.

What I found out once I really started digging in to designing my future (that’s what you do when you are a coach, it turns out - you also hire a great coach) that my cute plan for myself was actually a back-up plan. 

It turns out, my deepest wishes in life already felt too far away for me to touch - so much that they felt painful to admit to myself, let alone another person. 

The vocal nodes I developed in my teen years had ripped away my love of singing and being onstage. Grief and anger were stuck in my body, my inability to heal them was maddeningly distressing. What I thought was possible for me, creatively, had shrunk so drastically in such a short period of time that I struggled to find my footing. It was more painful to admit I was devastated, than to pretend that I wasn’t. 

With the partnership of my own coach, I started to open up to the possibilities of living a life that would be honestly fulfilling to me. This included giving up a number of stories: cultural narratives about being a “starving artist,” about how if I’m pursuing any kind of creative art, it has to be consumable or “good” to justify doing it; putting creative expression at odds with relationships or even feeling safe with myself. 

Coaching helped me create a plan for forgiving and healing the parts of me that **I know** created my stress, tension, and vocal nodes. Between coaching, spiritual work, therapy, and the self-trust to actually use medical professionals the way I need to, I have been in a holistic, loving healing journey around my voice and to create a life that supports healing my autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s. 

Between Hashimoto’s and vocal nodes, the breakthrough area for me in life is always related to voice, integrity of self, and communication.  

As an artist, my journey has been to embrace what I actually sound like, instead of living in the land of shoulds, comparison, and trying to control how people see me.  

As a coach, my journey has been to be more interested in what’s in integrity and true for my clients than their shoulds, comparisons, and holding themselves back because they are afraid the world will run away if they shine too brightly. 

 I currently live in an extremely cute house in the  Hudson Valley area of New York with my incredibly cool husband, Cody, and Ringo (dog) and Rocket (cat). I am a fully embodied Disney Adult, and I no longer apologize for it. In fact, my Disney fandom provides an incredible amount of fuel, motivation and even leadership support for myself and my clients. I talk about it a lot on the podcast, West of Wonderland, where we discuss magical media and its overlap with leadership and transformation. People who know me well know to ask, “so, what’s the latest in Disney World?” 

In line with embracing my sound, you can find my original music here on Spotify, and maybe even run into me at The Secret Open Mic every once in awhile through Hudson Valley Improv.

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