What if your job is to learn how to shine as brightly as you possibly can… and to learn how to curate your gifts so exquisitely that you can forge any result you set out after?

 What if your job is to learn how to honor the part of you that is innately self-loving, that knows how to take care of yourself properly, that knows how talented you are?

What if your job is to stop letting influences of others drive you, so you can trust your own language of creative productivity and be more you?

Practically speaking, this kind of process often has measurable results in the realms of . . .  

  • increased income/more freedom in your financial life
  • promotions or expansions of your career or business
  • more fulfilling and satisfying relationships
  • the ability to finesse your creative talent in a way that is deeply meaningful
I work with people who know, on a deep level, that they are talented and good at what they do. 

Where they tend to struggle is in areas of - prioritization, visioning, time management, apologizing for their brilliance and amazingness, being straightforward in enrolling people in joining their team, or even being out of integrity with themselves when it comes to finance. Creative minds are multifaceted!

Our work together is to bring your creative power forward, remove any apologies or restrictions, and really focus that beam of creativity in ways that are satisfying and fulfilling to you. 

There’s brilliance to unlock, visions to get clear on, and measures of success to help you execute and follow through. 

Great coaching is a gorgeous, unpredictable fusion of me drawing out your true motivations and drivers, and you focusing and trusting yourself more and more over a long period of time. 

Also, you kinda can’t go wrong when you have someone whose job it is to mirror back your brilliance to you for an entire hour three times a month.

How we do this is twofold:

  • We use my structures (and discover what works for you) to design visions and pathways to get clear on where you are headed - and why it matters 
  • We meet for hour-long sessions 3x/month. You bring a coaching request each week, and we dive deep to find your true motivations and have you leave with actions and other ways to move forward each time.  

Coaching is a creative partnership. My job is to follow your lead, highlight blind spots, support in keeping you on track, and in learning the language of how you create.

My job is also to hold the container for your transformation - because you are going to need backup when you are in new territory that’s unfamiliar. 

Also, we are probably going to laugh quite a lot, I can’t help making my clients smile.