What if your job is to learn how to honor the part of you that is innately self-loving, that knows how to take care of yourself properly, that knows how talented you are?

What if your job is to stop letting influences of others drive you, so you can trust your own language of creative productivity and be more you?

I take a limited number of coaching clients -- these are people who are committed to becoming who they need to be to sustain their dreams coming true. I work with leaders, artists and coaches who want an unbelievable level of creative abundance and joy to run their lives. 

Coaching is a crazy magical container. Through personal sessions, open group office hours calls, project templates, and other surprises and goodies along the way, we build and bring to life the visions that my clients invent. I help them go beyond their ingrained limitations and self-doubt to fully realize their creations and be in a sustained experience of joy. Because the work is so specific, the requirements are, too: I take clients on for a year at a time on a limited basis.

My philosophy in coaching is that my job with my clients is to constantly be threading a needle and weaving between two worlds at a time: the worlds of being and doing, the worlds of them leading their process and me leading them when times are dark, the worlds of imagination and reality, of fantasy and vision. I’m not a “I’ll teach you how to get stuff done” coach. I’m a “let’s solidify your ways of creating and harness them to live your best life ever” coach. I’m a “let’s be fantastical and delusional and still watch it all work out!” coach.  I’m a “oh, you’re in a dark time, let’s be together in the dark and see what kind of light presents itself” coach. 

I’m a “who is your dream asking you to be?” coach.

We put our imaginations and skills together to bring certain project areas to life, placing the “content” of the work (executive leadership, business development, creative works) under the “context” of these kinds of realms:

  • Heart’s desire 
  • Dreams come true 
  • Personal integrity 
  • Creative leadership 
  • Legacy 
  • Global impact from the heart 
  • Well being and spirituality 

My clients must have some basis of self-work already, be it through therapy, coaching or ontological development. I have coached over 4000 hours since I started coaching in 2012, and have been a client myself for the same amount of time. I care a lot about the art of transformation and partnering professionally. It costs $30,000-$45,000 per year to work with me this way. Use my contact form to begin your application process and I’ll be in touch for a vibe-check call!

Yours in dreaming,